Invest in Smart Kitchens a proven provider of kitchen rentals for restaurants.

We are raising capital for Smart Kitchens 2.0 our newly acquired property with 23 Restaurants.

We are offering the opportunity for you to Own shares of Smart Kitchens 2.0.
About Smart Kitchens
● Smart Kitchens (Irvine) was the 1st Ghost Kitchen concept to open in Orange County; March 21 2020. We finished construction 1 week after the pandemic and have strived ever since!

● Smart Kitchens covers the buildout cost for restaurants, enabling them to start operations with minimal capital.

● 2022 Tax returns showcase a very healthy P&L and over $1 million dollars in annual sales revenue.

● Our 3 year run rate constantly has been at a 100% occupancy level.

● We recently expanded our size and operation, Went from  8 private kitchens to 15 kitchens which are fully leased.

● Kitchen rental sizes vary between 200-800 sq. ft. and range in price between $3,000-$8000 a month. A community focused marketplace offers consumers the ability to mix and match items from 15 different restaurants.

● Our retail technology platform has a proven market fit and will lead the transition to autonomous retail in the fast casual, pick-up and delivery markets.

● Smart Kitchens allows restaurants for a more rapid, cost-effective geographic expansion (traditional restaurants cost upwards of $250,000 to open, and such openings take several months; Smart Kitchens costs as little as $10,000 in start-up costs and allow for a health department approval in as little as 3 weeks.

● Smart Kitchens' management team are leading experts in the space and serial entrepreneurs. A great team produces great success.
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Reasons to Invest in Smart Kitchens 2.0 (Irvine Spectrum Location)
● According to estimates, ghost kitchens could create a $1 trillion global opportunity by 2030. Many large national and international restaurants are also getting into the mix!

● Own shares of Smart Kitchens 2.0.

Property address: 23072 Lake Center Drive (less than 1 mile from the Irvine spectrum).

● Purchased the building April 2022 for $4,150,000; Incredible price per sq. ft. of only $170 (after phase 2 is complete). 

● The building is currently utilized as an office building and generates a $34,000 per month rent roll.

● Smart Kitchens has invested over 1.2M dollars on Smart Kitchens 2.0 (Irvine Spectrum) location.

● Over 2 years of R&D has been invested on plans and permitting to convert the office building into a mixed use facility. 

● Location, Location Location... Interstate I-5 offers an easy on and off access, enhancing delivery and customer pick up times.

● 7 hotels within a 1-2 block radius with a 70%+ occupancy level. That's over 1,000 hungry visitors per day. We will create a white labeled room service menu for hotels without restaurants adding value to their hotel and for their guests while at the same time increasing our restaurant tenants' food sales.

The Use Permit has been approved by the city for our build out of 16 kitchens upstairs. 

- A dumbwaiter delivers food to the delivery drivers below.
- Health Department and City plans have been approved.
- Structural approval of 80 PSF approved.

● Phase 2
- Buildout 7 additional Kitchens in the garage (we lose 7 parking spaces) but on the flip side gain 3000 sq. ft. of usable and rentable sq. ft. increasing the value of the building. 

● Phase 3
- Exterior and Interior Redesign.
- Convert remaining office into mixed use retail.
- Once completed will be an Epic Event Center and Food Hall. 
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LOCATION ACQUIRED: 23072 Lake Center Dr., Lake Forest, CA. (21,500+ sq. ft.)
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Invest in Smart KitchenS
● If you love the Smart Kitchen concept you will have the opportunity to become an investor for as little as $250! Community is what drives us, Show us some love!

Prior to a regulation CF offering we are running a Testing the waters (TTW) campaign  to gauge potential investor interest. This allows the Smart Kitchens  to assess the amount of potential investor interest before incurring the major expenses associated with an exempt Reg CF offering (e.g. legal fees, audit fees, etc.).

● No money or any other form of compensation is being solicited. It will not be accepted if it is sent. There will be no acceptance of any offer to purchase securities. There are no obligations or commitments associated with any expression of interest. Any expression of your interest is non-binding."

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